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It first occurred to me while riding on a Los Angeles Freeway with my husband, on our way to visit family on a Sunday afternoon. I received a text from a friend about a gallery opening and reception happening that very afternoon. “Why oh why,” I exclaimed to Eric, “am I just finding out about this now? Why is it always “word of mouth” or “hit and miss” finding out about these events?  Why isn’t there some central location to find out what’s going on?” I hated having to miss that event.

A few weeks later, I was on my living room sofa reading “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher, and I was partway through the chapter where he talks about how important it is to keep coming up with ideas and to write them down. Just when he suggested writing ten ideas a day,  I stopped reading, sat up straight on the sofa, and said out loud, “I have a good idea right now—why do I need ten?” I picked up the phone and called my brother David, the digital media specialist, and said to him, “Hey, let’s put together an online cultural events calendar!”

Very quickly, Black Cultural Events was born. Every city has cultural events calendars, and many of them include black events—this is the twenty-first century, after all. But Black America needs its own comprehensive cultural events website, one for black families, black art lovers, black concert-goers, and black theater-goers, just for black culture lovers overall. We’re starting here, at home, with the wonderful cultural richness of Black Los Angeles. Enjoy!

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