African Fairy Tales & Folktales For Kids – 5 Day Session

August 3, 2020

August 7, 2020

9:30 AM To 10:00 AM

Online Via Zoom

$30 for 5 Days


Event Description

In this 5 day live class, kids get to listen to an enthralling African Folktale each day and learn about where it came from. As the stories are being told, participants will get to play different characters in the story as they act out (only if they want to) mini scenes from the tale. They’ll learn interesting facts about the country the stories came from and they’ll spend a few minutes discussing the important lessons they learned. Recommended for kids aged 4 to 9.


Why Take This Class?

Learning about culture can either help children connect with their roots and appreciate their own history more, or it can help them better appreciate diversity so that they can respectfully interact and engage with people from different backgrounds. They will also learn a little about geopgraphy and history.


Using folktales is a fun way for kids to learn about other cultures because who doesn’t love a good story? The stories in this class are captivating and entertaining, and are most likely like nothing the kids have ever heard before, which makes the session all that more enchanting. Plus, folktales often teach an important life lesson so the children will finish the class a little wiser than they were before the class began.


So, whether you want them to learn about culture or you are just looking for something for them to do, this class is sure to have your children captivated and entertained the whole way through.



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