Black Feminist Video Game

April 27, 2021

May 2, 2021

5:00 PM To 7:00 PM

Online event: 7:00 pm Ct/8:00 pm ET


Event Description

In this mashup of live performance, video game design, and online interaction, there is Jonas, a biracial teenager with autism. Jonas broadcasts all aspects of his life online, including a disastrous first date with his crush, Nicole.

Desperate to regain her affections, he dusts off a long-ignored gift from his mother—a classic 2D “Black feminist video game”— hopeful that the game will grant him the key to winning Nicole back.

But Jonas soon discovers that, with only the Game Master and his friend Sabine to guide him, he must confront his own misperceptions of the women in his (real) life, or risk losing not only the game but also his first chance at love.

Jonas and Sabine stream their play on Twitch and find their path through the game together. Along the way, you’ll help (or hinder!) their progress by responding in real time to the choices they make

Streaming live online with live performance, game design, prerecorded video, animation, and streaming technology to create a unique online theatrical experience. On demand also available.



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