South Central Arts: Histories & Future

May 14, 2022

May 14, 2022

9:00 AM To 6:30 PM

Online event


Event Description

What is abolition? What does abolition have to do with art? Why South Central LA? Why not South LA or Greater LA? Why grassroots? “South Central Arts: Histories and Futures” conference aims to recenter a commitment to abolition among the arts spaces and the communities they serve in South Central Los Angeles, all of which are subject to forces of gentrification, heavy policing, high concentrations of houseless community members as well as great interest from culture industry brokers scouting for the “next big thing” emerging from within the neighborhood.

A one-day conference posing questions to artists and arts facilitators, working within the grassroots, who have had influence in the international creative discourse and the movements towards abolition.

The conference opens a space of collaboration toward an abolition of the predatory, carceral, extractive and racist forces displacing the community and a re-centering of the grassroots arts practices that contribute to the community’s thrivance.

Discussions will span from presenting the historical context of arts space making, either physical, intellectual, or spiritual to creative movements away from state, carceral entities, surveillance and criminalization as well as from corporate institutions and charity foundations, towards community bridge-building, autonomy and sustainability.


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