Les Sisters Southern Kitchen & BBQ

21818 Devonshire St Chatsworth CA 91311



11a -9:30p Fri & Sat, 11a - 8:30p Tu & Th, Mon Closed

WHAT’S IN LES NAME? In May 1986, Roda Hadi, Clara Huling, and Willie Stanford decided to open a restaurant in Chatsworth. However, they couldn’t agree on an appropriate name; one that would give it a unique identity. Clara’s husband Dr. Bill overheard them “discussing” their plight and said, “You ladies argue like sisters, so why don’t you call it ‘THE SISTERS’?” Aha! It was a beginning, but they couldn’t decide whether to feature Roda’s spicy New Orleans Cajun, Clara’s South-Western Soul, or Willie’s East-Coast Southern. So, they opted for all three, deciding to let the people have their way with them. The name LES SISTERS’ SOUTHERN KITCHEN captured the “flavor” of the menu. Thirty years later we still vow to honor your good taste!

21818 Devonshire Street, Chatsworth, California 91311



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