The Black Consciousness Caravan

August 17, 2019

August 17, 2019

10:30 am To 5:45 pm

7825 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90047, USA



Event Description

The Black Consciousness Caravan is a one day event that will immerse you in a uniquely diverse African experience during a 6-hour excursion. We are hosting the Afro-Cuban culture leg of the tour, The Afiba Center is hosting Jamaica, and The Alkebulan Cultural Center is hosting Senegal.   The tour give you 2 unique experiences consisting of dynamic speakers, a live performance and entertainment and a sampling of the cuisine from those 3 different regions. 

All  for only $35 (You will depart from and return to the organization where you purchased your ticket.) 

Purchase your tickets from KRST Unity today so that you can get on the bus and have a great cultural time.  


10:30A.M. -Doors Open
11:40A.M. – Welcome & Libation
11:50 – Speaker Intro
12:00P.M. – 1:00P.M. First Presentation
1:15P.M. – Bus Departs For 2nd Location
1:45P.M – Bus Arrives At 2nd Location
2:00P.M. – 3:00P.M. Second Presentation
3:15P.M – Bus Departs For 3rd Location
3:45P.M – Bus Arrives At 3rd Location
4:00P.M. – 5:00 P.M Third Presentation
5:15-5:45P.M Bus Departs To Return You To Your Home Location


KRST Unity Program Schedule

  • Lecture / Demonstration by world renown Cuban Dancer and musician Juan Carlos founder and artistic director of Omo Aché Cuban Cultural Arts. An organization proudly dedicated to preserving, promoting, and presenting Cuba’s rich cultural heritage through music and dance performances, class, workshops, lectures, and events throughout the world. His company is currently based in San Diego.


  • They Are We – A film Directed by Emma Christopher. In Perico, Cuba an Afro-Cuban group has kept alive songs and dances brought aboard a slave ship by their ancestor, known only as Josefa. Then, in a remote village in Sierra Leone, people watched a recording of the Cubans’ songs and dances, joyously declared ‘They are We!’ and joined in with the songs. They had never forgotten their lost family, and now their descendants were coming home. So began preparations for the biggest festival in the village’s history, a welcoming home for their cousins.


  • Been Too – Conversation and views from people who have toured Cuba and lived in the homes of the people.  A panel discussion that looks at the socio-economic condition of the people and insight on how Cubans view their country. 


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