Goddess Black

March 8, 2019

March 23, 2019

8:00 pm To 9:15 pm

Secret Rose Theatre, West Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA, USA



Event Description

A solo show created from a unique mythology system which re-envisions concepts of race and gender in Western Culture.

The play “Goddess Black” is set in an afterlife-utopia alternatively called the All, the Darkness, or the Black (think Heaven). The All is the unification of life force and natural forces; where the quarks and the quantum co-exist. The Darkness is invisible, beyond sunlight, and infinite – it is the unconceived mystery – the All. Among everything else there in the Darkness, are human souls returned from living in bodies. There in the Darkness they have adopted a very particular appearance. This appearance is in response to an unbalance on earth, during our current period of time popularly called history.

Souls leave the All to be born into bodies on earth.

Each soul in the All, belongs to a small family unit – of two or three other souls. Each “family” from the All, returns to the sunlight, to earth, into human bodies, around the same time. Therefore, there is a dual purpose:  not only to “awaken” and remember one’s own eternal self, but then to also recognize one’s “family” souls – who are also concealed in bodies of trauma. Very often soul families do not recognize each other, and instead end up causing much injury and pain to each other.

This is the story of three black men returning from their lives – and the three souls, three sisters, inside them —  and the mistakes they made.

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