If We Are Not Africans, Who Are Our Allies?

July 13, 2019

July 13, 2019

4:00 pm To 7:00 pm

The A.F.I.B.A Center 5730 Crenshaw Bl. Los Angeles, CA 90043

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Event Description

From March to June we’ve asked ourselves the question  “Are We African or Something Else?”. We’ve surveyed a spectrum of  popular notions that seek to explain the origins and entitlements of the “Black” folk in “North America”; from the generally accepted Trans-Atlantic history, to the concept that we are not African descendant at all, but rather,  indigenous to these lands.

Moving outside Afro-descendant identities and/or moving into Indigenous identities has significant political implications. If we are not African descendant, what is our relationship to the global African family and Pan Africanism? If we are actually indigenous (and claim all attending rights and entitlements)–how are our relations with First Nations & First Nations descendant peoples affected? 

Tomorrow, in our July 2019 JOKO we’ll put these & other key questions before you–our in-house & on-facebook-live participants–in a Community Deliberation on the issue.                                                   

Join Us 4-7pmPT/6-9pmCT/ 7-10pm ET  @ The AFIBA Center in Los Angeles or on  FB: jokocollective

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