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What we offer – Black Cultural Events Weekly

Black Cultural Events Weekly is for you. We’re your online resource to the rich cultural life of the Black Community – tapping into the pulse of what’s happening in art, music, dance, festivals and more. Our mission is to bring the best of our culture and community directly to you.

Even during the recent stay at home quarantine months Black Cultural Events Weekly has been able to pivot from in person to online events. Through these trying times the newsletter has highlighted events that not only entertain, but also uplift the community.
As advertising dollars have disappeared we have kept forging ahead serving the community and providing information on a wide range of events. Whether it’s wellness, entertainment, online festivals, kids camps, or other events, we're here keeping you connected to our community.

What Are People Saying About Us?

"Black Cultural Events allows me to see that Black people are not forgotten, where there are so few venues that celebrate the mere existence of Black people. BCE keeps me informed of what's happening in and outside of my community. Thank you for sharing that Black people and all their CREATIVITY does exist and that we are not forgotten. :)"
"I appreciate having events that feature Black talent or events that center of the African Diaspora. I really like the calendar feature for planning and sharing with friends."
"... just want to congratulate you on an excellently curated and presented calendar. I'll continue to follow your list - just wanted you to know it's appreciated and admired!"
"Your contribution to the community is important! THANK YOU for bringing this connection to the people. Get the word out! :)"
"I LOVE this newsletter!"
"Great job, so glad you are doing the work you do to bring awareness of and support to Black Cultural events! We need you!!"

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